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YDS-1-30 Liquid Nitrogen Container

The YDS-1-30 tank is small capacity, which are designed for transferring or transporting biological samples stored by manual work, especially for customers in the mountainous area, featuring portable, less static evaporation loss mass of liquid nitrogen and being economical in usage,including 1 canisters.

Main Features:

◆ High-strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight
◆ Hinged handle (except YDS-5-200) is portable
◆ The lockable device can be installed to the container lid upon costomers' requirement so as to protect biological samples stored (limit for 30mm, 50mm、80mm calibers)
◆ Encoding system is applied on canisters for easy recognition and convenient accessing of samples
◆ More than 5-year vacuum quality guarantee is ensured with the multi-layer thermal isolation design

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